The battle for project financing is getting tougher and tougher…

…and we have the right team for you to win this battle.


Banks reject your innovative project and even after many attempts you still have no financing.

Lack of equtiy

Because of Basel I, II and III, traditional banks only finance with a corresponding equity ratio.

Time pressure

Traditional banks reject your innovative project and even after many attempts you still have no financing. The deadline is still approaching.


The time pressure does not help you to find a good financing and your further work suffers likewise from it.

Our alternative

Equity financing

means companies are willing to sell shares for investment money, . It does not matter whether it is seed capital or expansion capital. If this is a possibility for you, please contact us. We will bring you together with the people and companies who have extensive know-how in this area.

Recourse-free financing

One of the most frequently used types of financing, where the project holder is not personally liable for the loans, is non-recourse financing. This method of financing is often used when very significant financial resources are required, e.g. for the construction of infrastructure such as power stations, energy parks, solar parks and industrial plants.


gives companies the opportunity to develop the right crowd. These are investors who believe in your business and are willing to invest their money. Equity crowdfunding can help companies raise funds from multiple investors in a regulated manner.

The list of companies can be found on an online platform where investors and members of the general public can purchase shares.

Equity crowdfunding platforms evaluate your company and associated documentation to ensure it meets the requirements. 

Some platforms will also help you select the desired timeframe or investment amount.


In order to be able to adjust to corresponding crowdfunding platforms, you always need the approval of the respective supreme financial supervisory authority. We have partners and companies who have the know-how in this area.

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